Double Glass

Any architect or designer will tell you that windows are critical to the look of a property.

Our u-pvc collection is selected from the industry's leading companies to give you the choice and security you need, even if the job is complex and requires a specially designed finish.

Our products are fitted into period homes, modern homes, country cottages, Victorian and Edwardian houses - practically anywhere you can imagine! With the option of hinged or tilt-and-turn windows, inward and outward opening, the choice is yours.

Then there is colour. Frame materials can be in crisp white, or in either of two woodgrain finishes, traditional mahogany or golden-oak.


Security is a part of modern living. Locking handles and secure glazing are standard on all windows, Double Glasswith multi-point locking systems fitted to all doors and patio doors.

As required by British Standards, vulnerable glazed areas are installed with toughened glass to prevent accidental damage and the possibility of injury.